Renting vs. Purchasing an Exhibit

What You Should Know about Renting vs. Purchasing an Exhibit

Should you purchase or rent an exhibit? If you only need a booth once, you are a first time exhibitor, want ultimate flexibility, or wish to test a certain type of booth design before you purchase, then renting is probably your best bet. On the other hand, if your company doesn’t fit the previous description or you participate in a lot of trade shows and events with the same exhibiting goals and booth sizes, then you should consider purchasing a booth.
11 Reasons to Rent your Exhibit
Renting an exhibit is a very popular trade show and event exhibiting strategy. Consider these 11 reasons why many exhibitors rent their exhibit.

1. Cost: Renting your trade show display simply reduces your overall cost for a single show.
2. Budgeting: Renting allows you to tie your exhibit costs directly to each event you participate in.
3. Expense Budget: Renting allows you to utilize allocated expense budgets instead of jumping through all of the hoops required for Capital expenditures.
4. Invest Wisely: Renting allows you to dedicate more of your trade show budget to your exhibit graphics, messaging, sponsorships and in-booth engagement activities.
5. Flexibility: Different trade shows have different audiences; renting offers the flexibility to change your exhibit structure and graphics to align with the goals and objectives for each audience show-to-show.
6. Testing: Try it before you buy it. Then when you do decide to purchase an exhibit, you will know you have made the right choice and you have the flexibility to make appropriate adjustments in advance.
7. Overlapping Shows: Overlapping shows seem to be becoming more of an issue; renting an additional display gives you the freedom to have an effective trade show booth presence at both shows and/or avoid the liability of trying to ship an exhibit across the country overnight.
8. Test the Waters of a Larger Booth Space: If you are considering increasing the size of your booth space at any given show, you can rent additional exhibit structure and components to augment what you already own.
9. No Storage Expense: Storing a booth can be expensive. When you rent you eliminate the costs of storage and in-and-out fees.
10. Upgrading: When you rent your exhibit, you have the freedom to make changes. If you need a face-lift with new messaging and graphics, you have the freedom to do it. If you want to move into a larger space, you can.
11. Rent Specific Components: Even if you own your main exhibit structure, many exhibitors rent components for specific needs at a given trade show or event. Some examples of rentable components are iPad/Tablet stands, charging stations, demo counters, workstations and video walls.

Additional Considerations
• If you rent the exact same exhibit structure 3-4 for times, you will spend the same amount of money that it would have cost to purchase the display.
• Banner Stands, some types of ultra-portable displays, printed trade show graphics, and full custom fabricated exhibits are not typically rentable.
• Multi-Show rental contacts can save you additional money and lock in current rental pricing for an extended period.
• Although there are many rental kits that are available, custom rental solutions designed around your specific needs and brand can be designed using modern modular exhibit systems.
• Renting an exhibit from Brave Exhibits for trade shows in Denver can save you even more.

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