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After 23 years of working for four different trade show display companies and helping thousands of exhibitors get the most out of their trade shows and events, I decided it was time to launch Brave Exhibits.

Over those 23 years of working with exhibitors in just about every market segment and building displays in just about every convention center and expo venue in the country, I have learned a lot. I learned that successful face-to-face marketing isn’t just about looking cool…or even about simply managing costs.

Effective face-to-face marketing is about capturing the imagination of your audience. It’s about connecting with them in a memorable way and inspiring them to action. Managing costs and creating an engaging trade show environment is certainly very important, but without an effective strategy for how to engage your audience you won’t maximize your results.

 Brave Exhibits is a trade show exhibit and event marketing agency that specializes in results. We help companies use face-to-face marketing to grow their business. We will help you analyze your program, develop the right strategy, and design the environment that will lead to success.

To capture attention, demonstrate the value of your offerings, and do so in a memorable way takes bold choices. To make bold choices, you have to be brave. That is the essence and the heartbeat of Brave Exhibits.  Our mission is to inspire exhibitors to Be Brave.

When I’m not meeting with exhibitors or on the trade show floor, I like to spend time with my family, which consists of my wife and our four children along with two dogs and a cat.  We like to watch movies and spend time outdoors hiking and enjoying nature…really just anything together.  One family tradition is that on the first “snow day” of the year, we hunker down and watch Lord of the Rings…every year.  Love that movie!

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